Note: This interview includes a prologue to address racial realities in America (recorded date: June 10, 2020). COVID-19 has upended all of our lives in the last few months. Within the last few weeks, the publicized deaths of Black cis and trans women and men across the country have left our school communities traumatized and grieving.

With a plan to reopen schools on the horizon, we will need to consider preserving and protecting our school communities, easing the fears of students and educators, and supporting the building of a more resilient and race-conscious school community. Joining Dr. Tyrone Howard to discuss the reopening of schools is Dr. Debra Duardo, the Los Angeles County Office of Education Superintendent of Schools.

Recorded on: 5/15/2020

  Public link for sharing: https://learn.wellbeing4la.org/detail?id=1756&k=thepath  

Learning objectives

  • List ways that schools will look different when they reopen to support students and caregivers in understanding
  • Describe priorities in planning for reopening
  • Apply strategies to promote educator wellbeing

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